Web Design & Development Portfolio

Shop4Freebies Web Design & Website Development

Web Design and Development of the Freebies King

There is no bigger freebies website than Shop4Freebies and this is the second web design and website development that I did for this website. This website utilizes all the latest technologies in website design and website development with modern infrastructure and optimized code for performance. The backend for this is a true marvel, custom developed using the AlexBet.com business web application modules to allow easy administration of the web application. For this project, I used HTML5, CSS, PHP, AJAX, MySql, Javascript, JQuery, jQuery UI, and Codeigniter.


Graphic Design / Brand Identity Portfolio

Corporate Identity/Branding Design Portfolio

This is only a glimpse of the hundreds of corporate identity designs that I've done over the years. You may recognize some of these as they are very successful companies. Quotes are always free, so don't hesitate to click the blue button to the right. Click on See More to see more examples.

Graphic Design For Print Portfolio

Print Production

This is a selected list of print production items that I have designed. As you can see, they vary from booth design, magazine design, book design, magazine ads, etc. Anything for print can be done, ust name. Click on See More to see more od these designs for print, or click on the Get Free Quote button to get a free quote for your next project.